The demo evening ‘Artificial intelligence and Self-Driving Vehicles’ was a success in the USA

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Unikie’s cutting edge AI and Self-Driving Vehicles Demo evening was held in Palo Alto, USA, on Tuesday May 8th. The event attracted people widely. Total of 54 persons came to hear about the latest sensor fusion innovations and intelligence needed when operating in the hybrid future. Unikie’s CTO Jani Väisänen also gave demos along with customer cases from the automotive, mining and shipping industries.

The event was held in the Nordic Innovation House premises in Palo Alto with Nordic settings. Unikie’s General Manager Jussi Mäntynen was responsible for organizing the event.

– The Nordic Innovation House as a collaboration center and a spot for new fresh ideas seems to work very well. Our demos were generating a lot of debate and discussion between audience and Unikie. During the session it came also clear that Unikie’s Forestry and Marine type of approach was a fresh and a new kind of angle for the audience, says Mäntynen.

The great interest of the event exceeded all expectations. The audience was multinational while 12 nations was represented. There were participants from the USA, Japan, India, China, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and also Finland.

– In general received feedback after Unikie’s first CTO visit tour to Bay Area indicates, that Unikie’s current portfolio and special embedded SW development competencies resonate well here, Mäntynen sums up.

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