Unikie acquires Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy


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Unikie acquires Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy and strengthens its presence in the European car industry

Unikie bought Neusoft’s business in Finland. This will strengthen Unikie’s car software development expertise and expand its global position within the car industry through new acquired customers.

Founded in 2015, Unikie has quickly grown into a significant software development company in Finland. Unikie’s  revenue last fiscal year was approximately 9 million euros combined.

– The company acquisition brings us new customers in the car industry and strengthens Unikie’s know-how. We are also getting a great opportunity for global development cooperation as a partner of Neusoft, says Esko Mertsalmi, the chief executive officer of Unikie.

Tommi Kinnunen, the chief executive officer of Neusoft Mobile Solutions sees the detachment from the parent company as an absolutely positive thing.

– This is an excellent opportunity for us. As a company we have been very international, but still strongly local. We have a very competent team and growth plans, but we have not been able to develop within the parent company as we have wished. As a part of Unikie we will get flexibility for decision making and we will get to create new international opportunities together, says Tommi Kinnunen.

Tommi Kinnunen continues working at Unikie. He will be managing company’s activities in Oulu and Kokkola in Finland as well as taking on a broader operative role in Unikie’s business.

A cooperation agreement for tailoring Neusoft’s navigation solutions

The business acquisition with Neusoft brings a significant worldwide cooperation agreement. During the business meetings Neusoft’s strategic customers representative Klaus Zimmer became convinced of Unikie’s strong expertise.

– We have signed a cooperation agreement with Unikie, which makes Unikie take responsibility for the customer-specific tailoring of navigation solutions delivered by Neusoft. In the future Neusoft will focus on the further development of navigation technology, says Klaus Zimmer.

– Neusoft is a significant car industry supplier in China and Japan, and is actively searching for new solutions to offer to customers. With the cooperation agreement we can quickly map out the opportunities to offer Unikie solutions to Neusoft’s Asian customers, Zimmer continues.

This strategic acquisition of Neusoft also supports the company’s market position in Central Europe. Unikie GmbH, a subsidiary company was recently set up in Germany. By the end of the year there will be 30 Unikie employees working in Germany.

Unikie offers software development services and develops high tech software development solutions for the technology industry. Unikie employs 150 people. Offices are located in Helsinki, Tampere, Turku, Oulu, Kuopio in Finland, Berlin in Germany and Palo Alto in the USA.

Neusoft Mobile Solutions is a subsidiary of Neusoft. Offices are located in Oulu, Helsinki, Tampere and Kokkola in Finland. All employees of Neusoft Mobile Solutions Oy continue working with Unikie Oy.

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