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What makes or breaks your business? Safety. Efficiency. Quality. We want to enable all, using the latest technology to improve your business. We have been investing over 5 years and over 10 million euros in research, development, and production of new Industry 4.0 technology, which can now be utilized.

We use Machine Learning (ML), Machine Vision (MV), Reliable Fast Connectivity (5G), Data (Device-Edge-Cloud), and Secure Communications to enable a Real-time Digital View of your operations. And unlike other solutions in the market, our solution is not a digital snapshot that has been superimposed with digital items. It is an actual simultaneous, live film of what is happening in your physical premises and how it is affecting your business performance.

Why should you be interested?

Do you know where your production items, containers, tools, vehicles, machines and people are? You might. But do you know what is happening between them and around them, and most importantly, how is it affecting your business? Would you like to have real-time situational awareness of your industrial business and predict what happens next, instead of looking back on reports of what happened and trying to figure out why it happened?

Real-time situational awareness changes the way you manage your industrial process – it shifts your view from past to future. By turning your current Process or Cell-Based Manufacturing and Logistics areas into a Smart Space, we can help you:

  • maximize your business and production potential
  • increase functional safety
  • increase manufacturing yield
  • create consistency and improve material and people flow
  • minimize and prevent bottle necks
  • save costs
  • do predictive maintenance
  • cut down emissions
  •  invoice based on real-time activities
  • create safety zones and dynamic geofences
  • recognize quality issues and improve quality mid-process
  •  create new sources of revenue

Unikie’s IoT -based Smart Space solution is based on the work we’ve done in eg. Autonomous Plant Marshalling, Automated Valet Parking, Soft sensor technology, Machine Vision, Simultaneous Localization and Mapping and Unikie AI Vision over the course of more than 5 years.

Where can smart spaces be used?


  • Get a real-time view of what is happening
  • Correct errors mid-process - improve quality real-time
  • See live why the process is slowing down and identify root causes
  • Use augmented assistance - make every employee the best employee

  • Track material flow
  • Predict bottle necks
  • Go from reactive to proactive
  • Turn silent knowledge into data driven common knowledge
  • Logistics and fleet management

  • No lost time searching assets - know where they are and why
  • Increase operational horizon window - know what's ahead
  • Identify potential safety issues - react accordingly to prevent accidents
  • See traffic flows in real life
  • Invoice based on actual situations and physical events
  • See the use cases

    Want to know more? Here are a few use-case examples of how a Smart Space can increase productivity, improve quality and create new sources of income:

    Optimizing glass manufacturing yield with AI-based assistant

    Unikie delivered an AI-based Operator Assistant solution for a glass product manufacturer to increase manufacturing yield and consistency.

    As a result of the project, the amount of defective and failing glasses decreased even over 20% compared to the level before implementing the solution, increasing the overall yield in the same proportion.
    use case


    Unikie and BMH Technology partnered to create a software only solution for real-time insight of the production line.

    As a result of the project, soft sensors can be taken into use easily and cost-effectively in existing BMH shredder systems without any additional hardware installation. They provide new real-time insight for optimal operations, which was not available before.
    use case

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