Unikie Messaging app has been awarded Full Accreditation to RCS Universal Profile by GSMA


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The GSMA Future Networks IOT team has awarded Full Accreditation status for Unikie Messaging Android apps. The formal statement of GSMA Accreditation indicates that Unikie Messaging apps are compliant with the RCS Universal Profile specification and interoperable with other devices, apps or operator services also awarded Accreditation. RCS is the global effort lead by GSMA to replace SMS with a rich messaging service, backed by operators and handset vendors.

Unikie acquired Neusoft Silta RCS applications earlier this year and has pushed to achieve the formal accreditation status as its launching RCS messaging services with several operators. The accreditation process involved testing in two live RCS UP networks (Samsung Sigmast RCS cloud and Interop Technologies RCS cloud) against other RCS devices and apps and included RCS UP v1.0 framework and messaging test scenarios.

Unikie Voice and Messaging apps and solutions enable mobile operators to rapidly launch IP based voice and messaging services, such as VoWiFi, VoLTE and RCS messaging on any Android 4.4 or iOS 10 or above device without existing built-in support. Supported features include voice and video calls, chats and group chats as well as sharing of images, files, contacts and locations. Besides the reduced time to market offered by Unikie Voice and Messaging solutions, operators can also move their subscriber base to new network technologies faster by offering handset upgrades with Unikie apps to subscribers using older handsets.

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