Unikie on a Growth Track despite Covid-19


The situation with coronavirus is affecting us all, whether we look at it from the people or the business perspective. That is why we at Unikie take pride in receiving the information from Talented Insights stating that Unikie had the largest growth in March when being tracked by the number of recruitments.

Talented Insights from Talented Finland is a report which monitors how the companies in the Finnish software consultancy sector are doing by the gathering data of new recruitments and comparing them to the total head count of the companies. Covid-19 has been showing in the statistics, but there is a silver cloud even around this current dark cloud.

Unikie had the most growth in recruitments in March 2020

We have been growing steadily throughout the last year and were also selected as the third fastest growing tech company in Finland in 2019 by Deloitte. Facing the Covid-19, we quickly took steps to ensure that our people, customers and projects were secure and we could focus on minimizing the effects of the virus:

Unikie Recruitment Growth in March

Putting people first had also a positive effect on our recruiting and even though the situation is not something any of us prefer, we are happy that our work hasn’t gone unnoticed. The Talented Insights report can be downloaded here.


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