Unikie was granted TISAX 3 Security Certification

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Unikie’s operations meet the European automotive industry’s highest information security standards

Unikie is strengthening its position as a software development provider for the automotive industry. The operations of the company have been audited according to the automotive industry’s security criteria. Unikie is certified to TISAX 3 level, which means that Unikie’s operations meet the highest security standards set by the European automotive industry. Unikie was thus named the third Finnish company and the first Finnish software company to be listed on the TISAX security list.

Unikie makes significant projects from Finland to car manufacturers in Germany and around the world, so TISAX 3 certification is considered very important by the company management. For Unikie’s customers, a security rating is a guarantee of a safe and reliable partner.

Unikie CEO Esko Mertsalmi
Unikie CEO Esko Mertsalmi

”We initiated the security audit process earlier this year, at the request of our client. But definitely we see this security certification as also a great contribution to our future growth goals in the automotive industry,” says Esko Mertsalmi, CEO of Unikie.

“With TISAX 3 certification, it is now easy for new customers to get started with us when they can be sure that we are operating to the best standards in the industry. The project results themselves have already shown that our expertise is the best in the industry, but now the safety and reliability of our work is proven to be of the highest standard,” Mertsalmi continues.

Secure and reliable software provider

The purpose of the TISAX information security classification is to enable and simplify secure and reliable cooperation within the automotive industry networks. The criteria defined for the TISAX assessment level 3 concern companies that process highly sensitive product development information of their business partners.

During the entire 9-month long process, Unikie’s operations were audited and were determined to meet the highest standards, in every respect. Close to five hundred details were monitored.

Unikie CIO & CSO Jari Mononen


“The industry-specific security audit comprised four different operating segments. The assessment carried out at Unikie included a wide-ranging assessment of the company’s information security, third-party relationships – such as with subcontractors and partners, personal data protection and secure handling of prototypes. All have now been documented and Unikie’s operations are fully compliant, also with regard to potential subcontractors. Operations are monitored and continuously developed”, says Jari Mononen, Unikie CIO & CSO

The TISAX authorization remains valid for three years. During this period, the supervisory authorities carry out random checks and monitor the fulfillment of criteria. The ENX Association, an organization consisting of automobile manufacturers, suppliers and four national automotive associations, acts as the information security supervisory authority.

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