Unikie was selected to carry out the major digitalization project to manage Gävle and Rauma port operations and inter-port maritime traffic

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Unikie Oy, a Finnish software company specializing in artificial intelligence and software for autonomous vehicles, has won a tender for Efficient Flow, an international digitalization project for sea traffic management lead by the Swedish Maritime Administration. The ICT solution will be implemented in and between the ports of Gävle (Sweden) and Rauma (Finland) and aims to enhance the efficiency of port operators.

Anders Berg“The purpose of the Ship and Port ICT solution is to streamline and simplify the port actors’ operations and also to get a digital communication channel to vessels. In connection to this, hinterland operations will be connected to see how they could benefit from the information sharing and vice versa. One basic principle of the Ship and Port ICT solution will be that port actors share their estimated and actual times regarding certain states – mainly ETA and ETD´s TD´s – in the port call process as a minimum set of data”, says Project Manager Anders Berg from Swedish Maritime Administration.

The Swedish Maritime Administration, as the managing authority, is responsible for shipping and is collectively responsible for achieving the government’s transport and economic policy objectives in the maritime transport sector. The Efficient Flow project will introduce a further Sea Traffic Management services as a step towards global implementation.

Shipping and ports are taking a big step in digitalisation with the Unikie solution

Jussi Mäntynen“Unikie is very proud about winning this open Tender. A chance to design and create new state-of-art solution using open source from scratch will provide scalable, cost effective and robust solution for Ports in Sweden and Finland, today and tomorrow”, says Jussi Mäntynen, General Manager of Unikie.

The ICT solution created by Unikie in the port environment provides the basis for cooperation between the key players in the port. The solution connects the operators within the port, within the port and between related inland operators. The ICT solution will be able to integrate the port area functions in a timely manner when ships arrive in the port. This will allow optimization of operations, including inland operations.

Unikie CEO Esko Mertsalmi
Unikie CEO Esko Mertsalmi

“The digitalization of ports is the future. With our ICT solution, shipping and ports are taking a big step in digitalisation by uniting key players. If this development project succeeds, the solution will be ready to be implemented in other ports throughout the Nordic countries as well”, says Esko Mertsalmi, CEO of Unikie.

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