Unikie’s impressive automated parking show delighted viewers in Munich

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Unikie’s automated parking solution was part of the joint project of the German Association of the Automotive Industry VDA at the IAA Mobility 2021 event. It presented the future of mobility through an automated parking service that turns mobility into an experience, in which the parking, washing, and charging of the car have been automated and are implemented without the driver.

The smart infrastructure of parking areas showcases Unikie’s expertise. A closed area is equipped with sensors in order to acquire the required level of steering precision, and the timeliness and encryption of data communication is ensured. The data collected by the sensors and machine learning enable decisions to be made in real time. Communication between the vehicle and the parking area enables the vehicles to be manoeuvred to the desired location remotely.

The automated parking solution developed by Unikie, a Finnish technology company, was showcased extensively at one of the world’s largest events within the automotive industry. The vehicles manufactured by BMW, Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar Land Rover, and the Volkswagen Group were used to demonstrate the solution in the Automated Valet Parking show.  For Unikie, the show was a success. We were able to showcase the precision, systematic operation, and performance of our solution in parking facility conditions, whilst several automotive manufacturers and technology and logistics companies were able to see Unikie’s level of expertise up close.

Unikie’s Lidar-based technology solution operates in the dark

Also three other technology suppliers, namely Bosch, Valeo and Continental/Kopernikus, participated in the Automated Valet Parking show. The solutions of all suppliers were introduced in the parking facility in parallel. Unikie’s solution stood out significantly from the others, because we used the lidar remote sensing method for the real-time monitoring of the environment, whilst the other systems used cameras.

In parking facilities, the undisputed benefit of lidar is that, unlike cameras, the solution also works in the dark. This enabled us to turn Unikie’s Automated Valet Parking show into a real spectacle. Effect lights were used to emphasise the various functions within the parking facility, such as the car wash, charging point, the drop-off and pick-up point, and the parking spaces.  The drama and impressiveness of the show was further emphasised by the internationally renowned Finnish music that was played in the background. Unikie’s show was greatly praised by the audience.

Unikie’s technology enables several cars to be manoeuvred at the same time

Unikie stood out from the other technology supplies not only because of its impressive show, but especially because of its much praised technological expertise. It is worth noting that Unikie’s solution was the only one that enabled several cars of different makes to be manoeuvred simultaneously in the same premises. In the solutions of the other technology suppliers, only one car could be manoeuvred at a time. This reflects the validity of Unikie’s technology in terms of production, as the technology and the environment can be scaled to manoeuvre dozens or even hundreds of cars simultaneously.

The precision and systematic operation of Unikie’s system received positive attention especially from automotive manufacturers. Cars were always parked precisely in the same spot in the specified parking premises. The system was also able to adjust to changing situations. For example, if the car was dispatched, intentionally, to a parking space that was already in use, the system was able to find the closest vacant parking place and park the car there instead.

The technology that we have developed is at the cutting edge of its field internationally. Even though Unikie’s solution has been developed specifically for the needs of the automotive industry, the potential for the implementation methods and applications of infrastructure-controlled vehicles is huge in a wide range of industrial and logistics sectors. If you are interested in the opportunities provided by artificial intelligence, IoE, and 5G networks to infrastructure-controlled vehicles, do not hesitate to contact Unikie.


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