Developing devices as digital products with real-time performance and security

The world is continuously moving more and more towards real-time economy and systems, which are depending on connected devices and critical data traffic. Internet of Things enables all devices to share or store data through a network connection. This requires all device manufacturers to embrace the transformation towards developing and updating software and security for their devices.

Intelligent & connected devices require real-time performance and increased security. We support device manufacturers in keeping all devices up-to-date and developing secure system software with edge-AI.

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Developing security means we need to have a full comprehension of all types of security risks involving not just embedded software but sensors and edge devices, computer hardware and cloud. The scope of our security expertise includes the entire infrastructure and components of IoT, as well as ensuring the reliability and integrity of real-time industrial systems.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

The opportunities presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in embedded software, edge devices, and sensors are vast and transformative. We harness the power of AI and ML to deliver real-time industrial systems with exceptional performance, lower cloud cost and lower hardware requirements.

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Collecting, storing and analyzing data is the basis for creating new digital services from your products. With Unikie’s IoT framework this can be done quickly and cost-efficiently, by utilizing edge-AI for preprocessing and Cloud repositories for final storage. Our IoT framework for connected devices gets the data collected in no time and lets you focus on utilizing it.

We have always excelled in efficient system software and, with the rise of AI, we focus on bringing AI from the cloud into your devices. This decreases cloud processing resources and costs, and also minimizes latency to allow real-time applications.

We enable our clients to put device lifecycle management processes in place and get their product out to the market faster. 

In partnership with, Unikie offers integration services to quickly start using robust, secure, and customizable over-the-air (OTA) software updates for your devices at scale and introduce support for powerful extensions to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot your devices remotely.

At the core of Unikie, embedded is what we love to do and where we excel. We know Linux kernels, understand different hardware vendor chip and module capabilities and can create truly high-performance optimized embedded software for your products.

To create digital products you need all the layers up to the application user interface. In order to take responsibility for the entire software in your products, we provide application development for any platform, including HMI, testing, cloud integration and web/mobile app development teams.

Every year, millions in value are lost in business environments, retail outlets and warehouses. Unikie is solving this issue and enabling real time awareness by introducing a technology that uses low-energy Bluetooth. It is a new way to create an environment where Bluetooth tags and connectivity bring intelligence to spaces, such as retail stores, warehouses and manufacturing floors.

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