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Fast data transfers for real-time applications

We work with network manufacturers and providers on land and in space to enable fast data transfers for real-time applications.

Our network development services are enabled by our long history of developing wireless communication technologies for the mobile phone industry and recently pushed by our need for real-time networks in our infrastructure for centimeter-precise automated vehicle marshalling solutions.

The scope of our network and communication competence includes 5G/6G development and network optimization with AI.

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Our 5G industry experience covers development, integration and testing of LTE and 5G networks. To meet the demands of customers, we have developed processes to rapidly ramp up new teams and specific technical knowledge. We offer our experts for:

  • Developing 5G radio layer support for SoC (System-on-chip) based solutions
  • Developing and optimizing L1 real-time control software
  • Virtualization of base stations, including L1 real-time processing using generic server hardware
  • Deploying 5G eCPRI interfacing and processing solutions

Our skillset covers L1/L2/L3 level 5G network development with emphasis on low level L1 SW development. We have numerous projects under our belt for example in 4G network virtualization, 5G network base station, 5G device SW optimization, 5G massive MIMO, 5G Layer 1 real-time control and eCPRI processing.

5G O-RAN is one of our major technology focus areas. We have implemented integrated O-RAN interfaces for both RU and DU control software, tested O-RAN interface functionality and worked to integrate and release O-RAN compliant solutions.

Managing and updating the software in network infrastructure grows all the more important the more software-defined base-stations and satellites become. Unikie has both solutions and past experience of developing management systems for communication networks.

Network sensing in an emerging technology where a 5G or 6G radio can be used to sense the environment around the base station. Radio waves can be used to detect nearby objects, weather or for example pollution.

Utilizing built-in network sensing capabilities in addition to dedicated sensor infrastructure means lower cost and broader reach. This technology development goes hand in hand with Unikie’s own real-time sensor fusion and marshalling solution development, and offers a win-win partnership with network vendors looking far ahead to the future.

Radio units can be optimized and finetuned with intelligent software solutions, and AI based algorithms offer the most efficient performance in highly dynamic environments such as in network coverage and beam forming optimizations.

Basestations and other network equipment log a huge number of events. Finding relevant data from this data can be difficult and collecting events that are interconnected is very time consuming. Using AI/ML for processing log data and for automatic anomaly detection can greatly increase the efficiency of finding root causes for errors in complex network systems.

5G network infrastructure is among the most complex software systems ever created. The number of different software components that must interact to enable end-to-end data communication is huge – yet requirements for reliability, security and robustness are very high.

We have helped our customers to develop testing solutions where testing can be automated on all different levels from module testing to system level tests. Having good test coverage will help developers to meet release schedules and deliver reliable software for network operators in every release.

Security is one of the most essential parts of a modern communications network. Mobile communication networks have become a critical part of our infrastructure, and modern society relies on the fact that fast and secure wireless communication is available at all times. To achieve this all, software components must be secured against malicious use and intrusion as well as accidental breaches in security.

Our teams have helped to analyze security issues in different kinds of embedded and server environments and communications software. We have found and reported a large number of vulnerabilities in commonly used operating systems and helped our customers to harden their proprietary systems.

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