Transportation & Logistics

Automating the flow of people, fleets and processes.

Managing a flow of vehicle fleets, people and processes is vital for successful business operations. Logistics chain management, depot automation, security control as well as material and information flow are critical key element in the process. Our solutions for transportation and logistics ensure all operations keep running smoothly and efficiently.

To streamline transportation and logistics processes, Unikie offers digitalization services and solutions based on hands-on experience. We combine deep industry expertise with exceptional software and AI talent.

We enable smart, automated operations by harnessing situational awareness, automation and autonomous operations. Make your transportation and logistics operations safer, more environmentally friendly and efficient with us.


We know what it takes to manage and control vehicle fleets and transportation chains. We enable data-driven operations and utilization of the latest artificial intelligence and data analytics technologies. User-centricity is the starting point of our development.

Our services and solutions focus sharply on traffic management, secure vehicle control, trajectory planning, analytics and visualization as well as user experience. We have the talent to support you in developing new and flexible solutions for automated operations

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Automated Bus Depot Marshalling

Automated Parcel Logistics Depot Marshalling

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