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Never seen logistics strategies by fully automated driving vehicles

Unikie Marshalling Solution (UMS) fundamentally changes the ways vehicles are moved within gated areas, by completely automating vehicle driving and services without the need for drivers or other human interactions.

Full automation, controlled by the Unikie Marshalling Solution, enables all types of vehicles being driven remotely and safely. UMS is the answer to driver shortage, enabling completely new logistics strategies, eliminating vehicle and facility damages, and reducing cost.

Rethink your logistics operations

UMS gives you the opportunity to completely rethink your driving operations. Automated driving allows simultaneous maneuvering of large number of vehicles at off-peak hours, more efficient site usage, optimal use of charging stations, etc.

Reduce your costs

You can address burning problems like driver shortage and vehicle and facility damages with the help of UMS. Electric vehicles require completely new processes, but you can also optimize your electricity costs and let your staff to focus on the productive tasks instead of driving your vehicles within the depot, yard or factory.

More reliable, efficient and secure vehicle logistics

UMS is designed to reduce costs of vehicle logistics, such as car logistics on factory premises, bus depots, last mile logistics operations, rental car fleets and more, by increasing the efficiency and reliability of driving operations.

Unikie Marshalling Solution enables vehicles to drive automatically and avoid collisions more efficiently than a human driver can do, even in confined and crowded areas along with normal depot, yard or factory operations.

Did you know?

The name “Unikie Marshalling Solution” emerges from a historical foundation – the perfect organization of train yards, known as “marshalling”.


The key idea behind improved logistic solutions is to remotely plan and control the movement of multiple vehicles in real time. UMS builds on standard based vehicle controls (ISO 23374), wireless connections, cameras, lidars, radar sensors, AI based machine vision, advanced algorithms and real-time edge computing for centralized, accurate and fast vehicle control.

The UMS utilizes vehicle’s telematics, electric power steering, shift by wire automatic gearbox and cruise control to remotely control its movement as if the vehicle  had full Level 4 autonomous capabilities. UMS can plan maneuvers and guide vehicles more accurately than a human driver would, producing precise and repeatable results while simultaneously moving and parking a large number of vehicles.

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