Unikie Oy’s annual report and financial statements for 2022

Unikie’s annual report and financial statements for 2022 are released and available below.

Seppo Kolari, CEO:

”Above all, 2022 was a year of internationalization, growth, and successful customer projects for Unikie. Our revenue grew by about 26 %, ending up at over EUR 55 million. Our internationalization continued at an excellent rate with an increase of 61 % in international trade – 46 % of our turnover – and in the USA, for example, we managed to double our revenue compared to the previous year. Our growth path will continue as planned, both in terms of revenue and personnel. Our own personnel grew by 20 % in 2022, and at the end of the year we employed, our subcontractors included, a total of 589 people.

Throughout the year, we succeeded in expanding, among other things, our business in the Research and defense sectors – both domestically and internationally. We also took part in setting up the Finnish Digital Defence Ecosystem that involves creating new state-of-the-art technology by domestic tech companies in the field of civil and defense industry. In the Arab Emirates, we set up our own country office to serve our Research segment customers, such as major research facilities and companies’ research units. Our know-how is especially strong with regard to device data security, reliability of operation, and intelligence.

In spite of the changing global situation, we have managed to continue our investments that will solidify Unikie’s excellent position once the market recovers. In 2022, we substantially ramped up investments in our service portfolio development, product development, and the company’s structural development. We also continued to invest in developing international sales. Organizational development aimed at improved company scalability also decreased profitability for us. Due to all these factors, profitability in 2022 was an exception to the company history.

We have examined our administrative organization and taken corrective measures. Starting from 13 December 2022, I took on the role of CEO as Seppo Kuula assumed other duties outside the company. We have started work on clarifying our organizational structure and operational models and will appoint new knowledgeable persons working in-house to key roles. Our investments in sales have produced the desired results and increased sales, and the company will continue to focus on strong international growth, especially in the EMEA and North American markets. We also believe to have found the right focus and business models for our Technology Business that was extremely well received among our automotive and industry customers and that had a new separate business unit set up with P&L responsibility.

We extend our thanks to all our customers and partners for the first-rate cooperation and, in particular, the interesting and successful projects we’ve worked on. A heartfelt thanks also goes out to all Unikiens for your excellent and continued contributions. The quality of our projects has remained at an excellent level and customer satisfaction has been as high as before. In 2022, the Unikie Oy’s Board of Directors was further strengthened with the addition of Laura Raitio and Anssi Vanjoki. The work of the Board has attained a whole new level and lays the foundation for making 2023 even more successful, in both our service and technology business operations. Next year, we shall place special focus on the new organizational structure, profitability, and the advancement of internationalization; while our investments will be concentrated mainly on product development. Sustainable development will also be incorporated into our themes for the coming year.”


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Seppo Kolari, toimitusjohtaja, seppo.kolari@unikie.com, +358 50 561 0175

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