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Unikie People

Unikie is a newcomer in the Polish software development scene, but already a formidable player. Our Polish development team are involved with a number of development projects and R&D. A team from Poland was also part of our successful Automated Valet Parking Showcase at the IAA Mobility 2021 in Munich this September. We took a moment to chat with Piotr Januszko, who is one of the key people building our software development competence in Poland.

“As per 2021Q3 Polish business unit has grown to over 20 people and our goal is to approach 100 people by the end of 2022”, says Country Manager Piotr Januszko. Asked about goals Unikie has in Poland, he replied: “So far we managed to put together a few great Teams working in 2 out of 3 Unikie’s Business Areas: Automotive and Industry 4.0. We want to strengthen ourselves also in the third one, Telecoms”.

As an equally important goal Piotr Januszko wants to expand Polish engagement in Unikie’s R&D: “This is our unique proposition on the Polish job market among other software houses. One of our products is already developed in Poland and we’re hungry for more!”.

Piotr Januszko, Unikie Poland

Of course, building operations in any country has its challenges too. “Started in early 2020 we are by definition a remotely built ensemble that needs to find a way to collaborate and understand each other. It’s a challenge, but there are companies that have worked like that in pre-pandemic times as well”, says Januszko. “The IT market is incredibly dynamic, but we have a few aces up our sleeves. These include a  dedicated Team, cutting-edge products and projects, and lastly competitive salary models”.

What’s it like to build a company remotely?

“Unikie Poland headquartered in Szczecin has already spread over the whole country to 6 different cities. We’ve actually met for the first time in person at our Summer-closing Party in August and it was truly an awesome experience. We were having so much fun together. I take that as a success in team building”, says Januszko.

Unikie Poland wants to strengthen its position in Poland. It will be achieved by starting cooperation with business institutions like Scandinavian Polish Chamber of Commerce, Metropolis Development Agency in Szczecin or West Pomerania Economic Development Association. Additionally Unikie plans to start cooperation with West Pomeranian University of Technology to attract young and ambitious people with deep knowledge.  Our Team is becoming stronger and more skilled month after month. Positive attitude and willingness to extend and share knowledge can be observed each day.

For more information please contact:
Piotr Januszko, Country Manager
+ 48 880 266 992

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