Working as an Android Developer in Unikie Poland

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Unikie People

“Every line of code that doesn’t have a business case is a waste.”

Dariusz Sęk has been working for some time now at Unikie Poland. Here’s his view on developing and working with us.

„I don’t create an application for coding itself. I love the entire application development process, from designing functionalities to collecting feedback after the release. For me, the user of my application is in the center of attention. I try to provide a product and user experience, thanks to which the user has the feeling that something is created especially for him, and the use of the application is intuitive and trouble-free”, he says.

DariuszDariusz’s areas of interest are mainly mobile technologies. He started over 7 years ago with Java and Objective-C, making applications for Android and iOS. At that time, smartphones and tablets had components that were not very fast, so the optimization of memory consumption and the selection of fast data processing algorithms were very important aspects. Application development has changed significantly since then. As soon as possible, he started using Kotlin to build Android applications and it became his main occupation. Recently he became interested in creating cross platform applications using the Flutter toolkit and the Dart language. „I like this way of developing applications because I don’t have to spend time developing and maintaining two separate applications. The time saved in this way can be spent on refining the UX of the application, adding thoughtful animations and ensuring the quality of the code”, Dariusz states.

Unikie developers have a wide experience

Dariusz has worked in transport and logistics for most of his career. The applications he has created helped to manage the fleet of vehicles and machines and were part of a large system, which included, among others, very modern IoT devices. He also had experience in the health & wellness industry, creating an application assisting a device whose task was to reduce stress. It was an incredibly innovative solution based on a lot of scientific research. „Currently, thanks to my work in Unikie, I get acquainted with the e-commerce industry. I believe that my previous experiences with the logistics industry help me understand the product being created faster, and also allow me to bring my own ideas and thoughts.”

What’s it like working at Unikie?

Unikie acquires very ambitious projects, thanks to which you can spread your wings and be proud of the solutions you create. Thanks to this, Dariusz says, he feels challenged every day and do not even notices when the working hours pass. At Unikie he has also met many great people from many countries around the world. „It is an amazing experience to be with them every day and get to know their culture and customs. I have a feeling that it enriches me as a human being”, Dariusz concludes.

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