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Unikie is a software company of a new era. We create success by rewriting the Finnish software development success story in a completely new way. The company’s operations revolve around people to support the well-being of both their staff and their customers.

Open jobs

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These are the open positions that we have at the moment. But we are always looking for new talents. If you are willing to work with us, don´t hesitate to contact us. You can leave your contact information with this form.


Are you enthusiastic automotive software developer or engineer?


Unikie as a workplace

At Unikie, we want to offer the best projects to the best professionals. Our operations are based on openness and transparency both in terms of our own community and our customers. Our spearheading values are our customers and the results from joint efforts. Our other core values include honesty, responsibility, and professionalism – combined with a burning desire for self-development and for tackling the most demanding technological challenges.

We incorporate unique partnership into our customers’ key projects and provide particularly talented software development experts. Our professionals work as consultants and developers in demanding technology projects.


We are an experienced and ambitious community looking for new specialists for our challenging customer projects.


We are a low-profile and flexible organisation that takes care of their own.


We offer a transparent and honest salary model that also includes a fixed percentage of customer invoicing.


You will have the opportunity to develop your know-how in serious company and in versatile projects.


You will have the chance to present your work’s technical results to the world and have this reflected in your paycheck each month.