Unikie Drive

Unikie Drive is a versatile platform for collecting various kinds of information from different sources and visualizing the data

  • Unikie Drive is a cloud-based platform for analyzing and visualizing sensor data (D3).
  • Unikie Drive can be configured to store all kind of information available from location based sources (e.g. vehicles), but also from third party sources, such as moving and positioned sensors, which can provide relevant contextual information.
  • Amazon AWS Cloud service platform scales up and supports millions of transactions.
  • Versatile backend implementations also support .Net and Azure environments.

What problems can Unikie Drive solve?

  • Typically vehicle and context data is not completely utilized for further analysis.
    The amount of sensor data is increasing and making it available in a cloud is an asset.
  • Unikie Drive’s “latest data” and embedded analytics enable almost real time data management.
  • Unikie Drive can, for example, provide immediate access to the actual driving and
    behavior details of a vehicle, and can create automated data-analyzing services.

Benefits of Unikie Drive

  • Scalable, extensive, and capable of handling a large amount of data points
  • The backend supports automated data-analytics and heuristics, enabling further analytics
  • Easy to use visual data-tools for instant understanding of the situation
  • All location based data can be visualized, deep learned or processed further for required use cases


  • Road condition data collected from
    moving vehicles
  • Race statistics originating from special tracks
  • Sensor anomalies and alerts highlighted on a map
  • Production plant alerts on a map

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