Unikie Simulator

The Unikie Simulator is a multi purpose tool that makes LiDAR and autonomous technology development easier

  • It can simulate different kinds of environments (e.g., city, highway, harbor, mine)
  • It provides realistic physics and functionality for cars, heavy machinery, and ships
  • A domain dependent functionality can be added for each use case

Fast LiDAR planning

  • Import 3d-meshes of your requirements into the tool and easily plan the LiDAR position.
    This can be done with either static or moving objects, for example cars or heavy machinery
    (like loaders or dumpers), with moving parts and functionality
  • Immediately see the areas covered by the LiDAR line of sight
  • Immediately test the performance of your point cloud algorithm in any use case in real time
    at your work bench


Automatic LiDAR test data set generation

  • The tool can generate test data from many sensors
  • While it’s mainly used with LiDARs, the simulator can also output data from other sensors,
    such as IMU sensors, GPS, and camera
  • Since the data is gathered from a simulated environment, it can be automatically labeled for
    machine learning algorithms

Enables Software In Loop (SIL) and Hardware in Loop (HIL) testing

  • Simulator produces equivalent IP/UDP feed as genuine LiDAR
  • Connects with embedded systems (using RJ-45) to emulate real LiDAR