Unikie Voice & Messaging

Unikie Voice & Messaging

We create value for our carrier customers by enabling rapid deployment of the latest IP based voice and messaging solutions. Our products consists of 3GPP and GSMA standards compliant white-label mobile and desktop apps which we customize for the needs of our customers. Our turn-key delivery services include app customization, branding and store deployment services which enables carriers to launch unique and innovative services to their subscribers.

Unikie Voice apps – Fast-track your IP voice service roll-out

  • Speed – Application stores allow rapid service launch and updates
  • Ease of deployment – Adds IP voice and messaging capabilities to any mobile phone
  • Reach – Downloadable apps can help you reach new customer segments
  • Enabler – Supports launch of built-in OEM solutions by supporting
    the same services on existing handsets of your subscribers via downloads

Unikie Voice over Wi-Fi – Retain your Voice and SMS ARPU

  • Automatically establishes native phone calls over Wi-Fi whenever possible
  • Extends in-door coverage using Wi-Fi networks
  • Enables high quality and low cost calls for roaming subscribers
  • Launch your VoWiFi service using apps with Unikie

Unikie Voice over LTE – Move faster to LTE only services

  • Automatically establishes native phone calls over LTE or any mobile data network
  • Allows LTE calls on devices without native VoLTE support
  • Carriers can provide 4G Voice services also for non-VoLTE devices (Android 4.4+, iOS10+)
  • Better voice quality, faster call setup, native dialer integration

Unikie Messaging – Increase your data subscription ARPU

  • Rich messaging support with chats, group chats and file sharing
  • Google compliant RCS Universal Profile messaging support
  • SMS and MMS capability for backward compatibility
  • Share any kind of media files such as videos, docs and pictures
  • Supports Audio Messaging and Location share features

Unikie Voice & Messaging SDK

The Unikie Voice & Messaging SDK offers SIP and RCS protocol stacks and high level call APIs for rapidly enabling carrier based Voice and Messaging functionalities in any app. The Unikie Voice & Messaging SDK contains the results from years of IOT work conducted with GSMA and months of deployment work done in cooperation with operators, network- and handset vendors world- wide. Supported platforms include Android, iOS, PC Windows, Mac and Linux.

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