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Our soft sensor solutions help you gain new real-time insight about existing products – without installation of new hardware sensors.
We are a global developer of Autonomous Driving (AD). We develop state-of-the-art technologies for car and vehicle OEM manufacturers.
Do you need a functioning AI Object Recognition solution? Our solution is ready for implementation. Check out Unikie Object Recognition.
Do you need a functioning Dead Reckoning solution? Our market-proven solution enables more precise estimation of position.
Automated parking, connectivity, fleet management and AI for intelligent next generation parking solutions.
Realtime Quality Dashboard provides an overall view of the quality measures, trends and forecasts of quality, as well as key parameters affecting quality.
Control Hub is a platform for planning and operating automated vehicle operations. It optimizes your business in time, cost and processes.
We help customers utilize efficient and low-cost VoIP, VoLTE, VoWiFi calls over data.
In demanding environments, our SLAM technologies enable vehicles to locate themselves simultaneously.
Unikie Messaging Applications bring seamless SMS, MMS & RCS messaging capabilities to any device.
We develop AD/ADAS technologies that can be used in multiple industrial solutions which benefit from autonomous guidance.
We develop ADAS technologies for automotive OEM manufacturers in support of safety and driver assistance.
We develop AI technologies that allow autonomous operations in closed areas, enabling safety and productivity improvements.
Driver Monitoring System betters road safety by monitoring driver‘s steering behavior and alerting when deficiencies in driver activity are detected.
Automated parking, connectivity, fleet management and AI for intelligent factory logistics.