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Machine Vision and Machine Learning Solutions for Industrial Use
Business calling solutions using virtual numbers, hunt groups and multiple identities can be managed via an app to allow for flexibility of corporate and private needs and mobility outside the office.
RCS Business messaging allows Application-to-Person use cases offering richer features than the old school SMS text commands and faster service than calling to traditional Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services at companies.
Unikie Messaging for iOS is a complete RCS UP 2.0 client solution, available for iPhone 5 and newer iPhones.
Unikie Messaging clients are RCS Universal Profile accredited and available for Android handsets/tablets (version 4.4 and beyond), iOS handsets/tablets (version 10 and beyond) and PC/Mac devices.
Unikie Voice apps allow carrier fixed line calls over any data connection and on almost any mobile phone model, tablet or desktop.
Mobile data network operators can utilize their data network to offer efficient and low-cost IP Voice calls over data for subscribers.
Offloading Voice calls to Wi-Fi is appealing to both carriers due to cost-savings and to consumers due to better coverage and call quality.
Unikie is a global developer for ADAS and autonomous driving (AD). Our AI Vision technology can be used in multiple heavy industry solutions which benefit from autonomous guidance.