Autonomous Drive

One of the hottest current topics is self-driving vehicles. Driving is undergoing a change and the whole attitude towards moving […]

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Unikie AI Vision

Unikie AI Vision is a LiDAR solution for real time detection. Unikie AI Vision is a highly developed total solution for self-driving vehicles and equipment. AI Vision is capable of continuous and real-time 3D modeling of the environment with centimeter-level accuracy, utilising – in addition to LiDAR – several other sensors such as stereo cameras, ultrasound radars, GPS, and acceleration transducers.

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Unikie Simulator

Unikie has developed a simulation and testing environment to facilitate the design, development, and testing of LiDAR based systems and self-controlling technologies. The Unikie Simulator is a multi purpose tool that makes LiDAR and autonomous technology development easier.

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Unikie Drive

Unikie Drive is a versatile platform for collecting various kinds of information from different sources and visualizing the data. Unikie Drive can be configured to store all kind of information available from location based sources (e.g. vehicles), but also from third party sources, such as moving and positioned sensors, which can provide relevant contextual information.

Read More  is a sensible integration analytics and monitoring tool which takes control of your digital processes. is designed for Business Operations, Leading & Management, and IT & Digital Process Development in organizations of all sizes.

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Unikie Communication

We create value for our carrier customers by enabling rapid deployment of the latest IP based voice and messaging solutions. Our products consists of 3GPP and GSMA standards compliant white-label mobile and desktop apps which we customize for the needs of our customers.

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